Business Trip Meal Podcast Episode 10


Hello and welcome to the Business Trip Meal Podcast.  My name is Mario Alvarez and I’m your host.  In this episode we will listen to an interview I did to my friend Joel who is a french sales representative.  Joel was born in Paris and travels all over Europe and occasionally in Asia for work reasons.  In this conversation we will talk about french food and wine, Joel will recommend some restaurants and specific food.  I will put links to all of those tips on the show notes as well as some pictures of the nice dinner we shared when we had this conversation.  Now please enjoy.


Burgundy region in France

Beaune France

Mille feuilles de saumon mariné, rilletes de lieu noir

Dos de Lieu, Risotto de Bulgur

Poulet Gaston Gérard

Restaurant L’Ecusson, Beaune

Le Caveau des Arches, Beaune


More pictures of our dinner at the restaurant of the hotel….

The menu of that night

The great cheese

Macarrons and pastries

The next day we went for breakfast in the old downtown of Chalieu

We found a Brasserie for coffee…
…but we had to get our croissants at the bakery around the corner

Later that day we had another customer visit but before that we stopped at a cheese business and got some nice samples to take home.
We had Lunch at the Poivre Rouge restaurant.  It’s a Steak house of relative quality.
Coffee was good though.

Thankyou for listening to this episode,  I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Joel.  You can find links to the places mentioned in the show notes at Episode 10.  In the next episode I will talk about a recent visit I did to Denmark when I was introduced to the most popular meal of that country.

Untill then I wish you   good businesses, great trips and even better meals. Goodbye.


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